Job Costing: Estimating

The estimating module enables you to build an estimate in a structure that fits the nature of the work, with sections for different types of activity, each with unlimited scope for line item detail that analyses the cost. In creating an estimate, you have access to all the information shared with Sage Line 50 so that data need never be entered more than once. When the estimate is completed and accepted by the customer, you can convert the estimate to a live job and automatically raise appropriate purchase orders with just a few keystrokes.

Estimates, Works Orders and Jobs are created in the relevant module each using exactly the same process. This consists of entering the specific details of the work and an appropriate budget.

Each of these Job or Estimate records contains at least one line item, which holds the cost type, and the budget for the work. The line items are then used to post direct costs to the job.

It is also possible to structure larger contracts and projects using Sections, Line Items within Sections, and stand alone Line Items. This gives the business further control in the analysis of the job data.